Don’t miss Futuroscope near Poitiers

Futuroscope in Poitiers is close to the Deux Plages campsite

So what is Futuroscope?

Futuroscope is a science-based theme and discovery park. Carnivorous plant park, 3D cinema, virtual reality, travel through space and time, sensory stimulation, Futuroscope offers a range of future technologies through fun and educational exhibitions and activities.

Highlighting all the fascinating scientific and engineering advances and achievements, Futuroscope is a veritable city of captivation dedicated to technology and innovation.

Visitez le Futuroscope de Poitiers pendant votre séjour au camping à Saint-Palais-sur-mer

Can I take my children to Futuroscope?

Kids love Futuroscope: it’s like being in one big science fiction film, it’s also a great way to learn about science. Things are presented in a totally kid and family-friendly way, great for all ages.

Activities and explanations are organised in such a way to interest children of all ages and give them a taste for science and discovery.


How far is Futuroscope from the Deux Plages campsite?

It’s a full day out. Futuroscope is roughly a two-hour drive from the Deux Plages campsite, via the A10 motorway.

If you need help planning your trip, we'll only be too happy to help at reception.


What about Futuroscope opening times and prices?

There are different price options at Futuroscope: day passes, short stays on site etc.

All is explained on the Futuroscope website!