The La Palmyre Zoo in Charente Maritime near Royan is one of the most beautiful zoos in all of France

The La Palmyre Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos in all of France and is close to the campsite

Not far from the Deux Plages campsite, the La Palmyre Zoo is one of Europe's most renowned zoos.

More than 1600 animals from all continents are on show and will impress the many visitors… Asian elephants, polar bears, orang-utans from Borneo, lemurs from Madagascar and Caribbean flamingos stand alongside pandas from Nepal and African zebras ... and lots more!

Visitez le zoo de la Palmyre pendant votre séjour au camping à Saint-Palais-sur-mer

Let’s go to the La Palmyre Zoo for the day, only a 10-minute drive from the campsite!

In the heart of an 18-hectare pine forest, each year, the visitors follow its winding paths to admire its 1600 animals from 115 different species, all living together in magnificent surroundings adapted to their individual needs.

Each year the zoo is proud to announce between 200 to 300 births. A success story explained not only by the attention given to the animals’ nutrition and their overall well-being but also by the fact that different animal groups’ breeding needs are rigorously respected.

The La Palmyre Zoo is involved in 40 European Endangered Species Programmes (EEPs) and thus plays an important role in the protection of many different endangered species. The Zoo is also part of 16 European Studbooks (ESBs) which help analyse population, and finances different conservation programmes in situ (orang-utans in Borneo, hornbills in Thailand, gorillas in Gabon, blue-eyed lemurs in Madagascar, South African penguins, cotton-top tamarins in Columbia, etc.)