Discover the Cordouan lighthouse

The Cordouan lighthouse... A magnificent lighthouse facing the beaches closest to the campsite!

From the beaches of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer at 600 m from the camping Deux Plages, you can admire the Cordouan lighthouse. At 10 minutes from the campsite from the port of Royan you can take the boat to go to the lighthouse of cordouan.

The Cordouan lighthouse, one of the symbols of the Gironde and Charente-Maritime

For 4 centuries, the Cordouan lighthouse has sublimated the beaches of Charente-Maritime.
Architectural prowess made in the open sea at the entrance of the Gironde estuary resisting the assault of the tumultuous waters mixed of the Atlantic and the Gironde.

Classified as a historical monument as early as 1862, this magnificent monument apart from the French heritage has been illuminating the Gironde and Charente coasts since 1611.

The Cordouan lighthouse is not a lighthouse like the others. A few kilometers out to sea, in the middle of the Gironde Estuary, it embodies the great phases of the history of lighthouses, from antiquity to the modern era, through the Renaissance and is the last lighthouse kept in France.

It is under the title of "cultural property" that the Cordouan lighthouse presents its candidacy to the UNESCO World Heritage. At the top of the lighthouse you will have a beautiful view of the Royal coastline and you may see your mobile home, caravan or camper in the campsite.

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