Futuroscope in Poitiers

The Futuroscope of Poitiers: close to the campsite, visit the future!

What is the Futuroscope?

The Futuroscope is a leisure park and discovery on the theme of science. Carnivorous plant park, 3D cinema, virtual reality, space and time travel, sensory stimulation, the Futuroscope declines the technologies of the future through animations and exhibitions with a fun and educational vocation.

The Futuroscope is a true city dedicated to technology and innovation, a bluffing showcase of all the advances and feats of science and engineering.

Can I take my kids to the Futuroscope?

Your kids will love it. They will feel like they are in a science fiction movie, make discoveries in a playful way and fill up on scientific knowledge appropriate to their age.

Children will find animations and explanations designed for them that will give them a taste for science and discovery.

Where is the Futuroscope in relation to the Deux Plages campsite?

Plan on a full day. The drive from Futuroscope to camping des Deux Plages is about 2 hours, via the A10 freeway.

The campsite reception will be able to provide you with all the information you need to prepare your journey.

What are the schedules and rates for the Futuroscope?

There are different packages for visiting the Futuroscope: short stays on site or day passes.

Visit the Futuroscope website!

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